Help Gambia's rural people help themselves
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Now we play chess in schools in The Gambia

There are many at one chess board
There are many at one chess board

In The Gambia they shall introduce chess as subject in the schools. The idea is that the skills one must learn in order to play chess are also valuable in other subjects.  But they lag material and instructors.  We have taken upon us to help in the schools in the area around Choya.

Millet mills save backbreaking work

Before hard work. Now the mill is running
It is a backbreaking work for women to pound millet for their daily meals. They have done it the same way for centuries. Now a change has come: The village received on January 22 mills that can peel the millet grains and grind them into fine flour.

Clean water close to all dwellings

No longer dragging bad water from wells far away.  Read more ...

School kitchen and school meals

Private sponsors financed school kitchen and shool meals. Read more ...

Bakery in the village

A young man started a bakery with a short micro loan. Read more ...

Journalists and the youth plant trees. Hundreds of trees. Read more ...

Education materials and t-shirts. Individual sponsors provided education materials, t-shirts, and football uniforms. Read more ....

Lending seed, library, pumps and water filters. Read more ... .

Choya now has a truck they can earn a bit of money with. Read more ...

Links to other organisations.Read more ... 

Where is Choya and who are we?

The Gambia, smallest in Afrika
The Gambia, smallest in Afrika

The Gambia is the smallest country in Afrika's and one of the poorest. Along the West coast the have income from tourism. However, Choya is located far into the country and is dependent on farming.


Choya, far into the country
Choya, far into the country

We have been active in The Gambia for some time through a Dutch-Belgium organisation, look here. We started Gambia-Danmark on 12 January 2015 in order to give the Danes - you - the opportunity to participate.