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Education material, football uniforms, t-shirts

The school gets education material.  Simple educational materials such as pencils and chalk for the blackboard are often in short supply in The Gambia. A private sponsor has provided a suitcase full of educational materials for the school in Choya, including 300 pencils and pens, two kg erasers, 1 kg chalk, a box of pencil sharpeners, a box of rulers, scissors, glue sticks, tape, and paper clips. In addition, she provided three footballs and pumps. The material was handed over and distributed in Choya during the visit in June 2015. This caused jubilation among the youth.

The children get t-shirts. Another private sponsor has procured 60 t-shirts for children through the Red Cross secondhand shop in Assens, Denmark. They were handed out during the visit in November 2015.

The youth gets football uniforms. The Football and Athletics Club in Fåborg, Denmark, has donated three sets of football uniforms consisting of shirts, trousers, and socks.  They were handed out during the visit in November 2015 to the members of 'Choya Youth and Football Club.'

We welcome other gifts. We welcome other gifts. For practical reasons they will have to be limited in scope, so they can be accommodated in the hand luggage in the airplane. Maybe we can one day ally ourselves with other organisations and join forces in larger consignments.

The children take the materials in use

Some of the materials donated to the school.

We are in the yard of the village chief - everything is yellow

It was a splendid view

The football boys and a couple of football girls

The happy facilitator of the donation

Extract of the thank you letter.