Help Gambia's rural people help themselves
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The school in Choya now has a kitchen

The school authorities in The Gambia built in 2012 a school with two classrooms, office, quarters for teachers, and toilets.  However, no school kitchen was built.  Without a school kitchen a school cannot participate in the school meals program in the country.  Therefore a private sponsor decided in July 2015 to finance a school kitchen.

The brick stove with chimney. There is room for two kettles

They dish up on the floor. A kitchen table is in order

And the children get daily school meals

We now expect that the school in Choya will get school meals through UN'S 'World Food Program' from the beginning of next school year, September 2016. In the meantime a number of private sponsors finance the daily school meals for the 150 pupils.  The costs are limited; it costs about 15 cent per day to feed one child.  However, the impact is great.  In The Gambia, one of the poorest countries in the world where the income per capita is less than 1% of what it is in Denmark daily food is not ensured.  That contributes to the child mortality being twenty times higher than in Denmark.  The daily meals provide a solid contribution to the nutrition.  It furthermore contributes to better education; where the absence was previously at up to 25% there is now almost no absence.

First wash the fingers

Then line up neatly

They find a place to eat in the shadow

Then they wash the dishes by the pump.

Vegetables from the school garden is a nutritious food supplement

Skolehaven med grøntsager er i anlæg. Der vandes flittigt

......og så gror det