Help Gambia's rural people help themselves
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Seed bank in Choya

They have in Choya a 'bank' where farmers can borrow not money but seed. The help organisation Action Aid that operates world wide and also in The Gambia a number of years ago enabled Choya to acquire 80 bags of seed. There are bags of millet, peanuts, corn, and rice. Farmers who need seed for sowing can borrow a bag, which they will 'pay' back after the harvest.


A young man in Choya has, through his own initiative, become an entrepreneur. He sold his sheep and invested in a small bakery. There he daily kneed (manually) the dow and bakes bread in a small oven. The villagers can then daily purchase and eat bread fresh from the baker. (It is encouraging that someone has had the courage to 'take the plunge' and become independent.  Last news:  the bakery has been attacked by termites and is under renovation.

The dow raises (hurry up and cover it again)

Then in the oven


Fresh baked bread

Here comes bread for dinner


The library under construction next to the school
The library under construction next to the school


One of the inhabitants of the village has, through family in the US, got in contact with a sponsor that has financed the building of a school kitchen and has donated a large number of books.  The library is now under construction next to the school.  When the library is ready and opens it will get a significant impact on the education.  English is the official language in The Gambia, and the lessons in the school are given in English.  However, for daily speech the tribal languages are normally used (in Choya it is Fulani) and the English skills are weakened.  Easy access to books in English in the library will help maintain what has been learned. 


Installation and maintenance of water pumps

A young American, Jeremy Mak, was some years ago through the Amerian 'Peace Corps' posted to The Gambia and worked there on water supply in the Central River Region where Choya is located. After end service he continued the activity there on his own initiative and at his own costs. Through the organisation 'Water Charity' he has purchased materials to install water pumps in villages that had none, and he regularly visits the villages to help with repairs and maintenance.

Water filters for fifty households in five villages

In cooperation with the American organisation Water Charity Gamrupa Danmark has now sponsored procurement and distribution of water filters in five villages in the vicinity of Choya. The fifty families in these villages have access to water in dug open wells with questionable water quality only. These families can now purity their drinking water. Jeremy Mak has distributed the filters and instructed in their use. Read more about the project here..

This water does not look clean

The water passes the filter

Now the water is safe to drink