Help Gambia's rural people help themselves
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Choya now has a truck they can earn a bit of money with.

In connection with a project that failed because of a change in the country's politics a truck was purchased. The truck is now used for the village's own transport tasks that they previously had to pay for, such as to collect materials for the new school kitchen. In addition they drive, against payment, for other villages. The price of the tasks set at around twice the direct costs for fuel and salaries for drivers and helpers, so that there is a handy profit. From August to October 2015 the truck was used in this manner nine times, which made a profit of 15,000 dalasi. These earnings were largely reinvested in the truck. They installed stronger suspension, so the car can carry heavier loads, and they built an extension to the load, so that it can hold more. Future earnings shall be used for projects in the village as determined by the 'Village Development Committee'. At the same time the truck gives employment to the driver and the helpers

The project that failed was a project to pack and sell water in plastic bags. The machinery and, as told, the truck to distribute the packed water, had been purchased, but then the country ruled out the use of plastic bags for environmental reasons.

The truck with the extension on the load

The machine to pack water in plastic bags

Stronger suspension has been installed