Help Gambia's rural people help themselves
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Biodiversity Journalists plant 1000 trees

The young people plant trees

Biodiversity Action Journalists (BAJ) was established in 2010 in order in all media to promote the interest for the environment.  In addition to publishing, BAJ also take action themselves. On 6 August 2016 it was 'action day', where they planted 1,000 trees, among which fruit trees, nut trees, and gmalina trees, a fast-growing tree whose leaves are nutritious food for cattle. Gambia-Denmark had supported the arrangementet with the purchase of 200 tree seedlings. During the ceremony it was quoted from the Koran that planting trees from which people and animals can eat is a charitable action.

Young people from Gambia and Senegal, with participation also from Guinea Bissau, had a five days integration seminar in Sifoe in Gambia in August 2015. It was young people from 'Young People Without Boarders' from Gambia and 'Sidan' from Senegal. A major project was to procure and plant an orange tree in every family in and around Sifoe and in all public places in the city. For the purchase of trees the young participants had themselves procured about 2,000 kroner. The rest of the cost of the project was covered by the Young People Without Boarders and Gambia-Denmark together.

They get the trees

Here they bring the trees

The tree is planted

Alkalo (village chief) and councilor plant the first tree